Dr.-Ing. Julian Wilhelm Renner

I'm a senior researcher in the group Coding and Cryptography (COD) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and I am working in the area of IT security.

Besides IT security, I have published articles in the fields of applied coding theory and communications engineering. Furthermore, I have submitted an application for a patent for radar sensing.

I'm interested in

Cybersecurity, Telecommunications, and Sensing

Enabling secure, fast and reliable communication and radar by developing new methods in the fields of cryptography, error correction codes, information theory, and digital signal processing.

Machine Learning in Capital Markets

The theory of financial decision making under uncertainty, and the implementation of portfolios based on artificial intelligence and scientifically-sound and well studied factors.

IT Services Implemented on Linux Servers

Home servers based on virtualization management platforms that provide functionalities like virtual private network connections, DNS resolution, cloud storage, website hosting, etc.